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September 26, 2009

At 4:20 PM, James Allan was airlifted to Strong Memorial Hospital after a horrific motorcycle accident.
He suffered major left check and orbital fractures as well as shoulder, neck and ribcage injuries that resulted in 8 hours of emergency bone re-structure and plastic surgery.
James spent 6 days in ICU, five of which was in an induced coma.
Amazingly enough he spent only 36 hours on the medical unit after ICU and was released from the hospital on October 3rd.
He then went to his mother’s home where he convalesced for three weeks until moving home to his place in the hills of Geneva.
At this time James does not have use of his left eye.
It will be several more surgeries to correct the situation but the good news is, he has full use of his hands and mind, and is writing and rehearsing with CotNS.  In fact, James will be performing with Children of the New Sun on November 14th at Station 58 in Syracuse New York.
His 1996 Harley Road King was absolutely totaled and has been replace by a 2006 Road King Custom.
James wishes to thank all who have sent their well wishes for his recovery.

September 15, 2008:

Currently Children of the New Sun has completed their first full length CD to be released at the end of September 2008.  CotNS is psyched and ready to take their music to a larger audience. Watch for them to make their mark on the music scene near their home in Upstate NY and beyond.


CotNS is now finishing the tracks for our first CD effort. For seven of the ten songs all tracks are complete and mixed. Three new songs have drums, bass, guitar and keys but vocals have yet to be done as of yet. Those tracks should be complete in the next few weeks and then we'll proceed with final mixes. Once those have been completed, the disc will then be mastered. If all works out the CD should be out by September 2008. CotNS will also be working on a video this summer that will be available on our myspace page and youtube.

Due to the fact that the CD has not yet been completed we are not scheduling shows.

Thanks to all who have been supporting the band and please keep listening to the metal stations who have been giving the band regular rotation... in particular the "RIPPER" and "The Academy of Shred", the "Metallic Onslaught" and the "Final Power Metal Live" internet radio stations who have been incredibly supportive. Check out their links on our myspace page... myspace.com/newsunrocks


Monolith has changed it's name, we are now "Children of the New Sun", be sure to check out the new recording on the music page. Also check out the new website here.


Updated a number of additional photos for your visual enjoyment. Go to photos and the People page


“James has returned from Europe to live in upstate New York to resume the Orpheus IV project with vocalist Peter Andrews, bassist Steven Wright and drummer Mychal Parus. The name of the project will change before the bands first disc is completed.”


James Allan will be living in Florence Italy for the next 2 to 3 years while working for New York University....


James Allan Burruto and X-Monolith members, Peter Andrews (voice) and
Stephen Wright (bass) have teamed up with drummer extraordinare, Jon
Williamson, hailing from Connecticut, to form a new project called
"Orpheus IV." A blend of heavy riffs and progressive changes and
melodies to satisfy a hard hitting progressive hard rock palette. We
have been rehearsing and writing for a few months and have put together
about 10 pieces of music. We should be out doing some openers in June
of this year!


Working with vocalist Peter Andrews from Monolith and looking for a
drummer and another guitarist or keyboard player!