Bio Page

James Allan, Guitarist:

Full name: James Allan

Born in San Francisco California
Started playing guitar at around age 3 (see the photo)

First band: Montage (Junior High)
Started Playing in clubs and High School dances while in High School at the age of 15.
First real guitar and amp: Fender Mustang and Princeton
Session Guitarist: Barrett Alley, PCI, Music America, Recording Concepts Ltd., Turtle Rock, and Music Works.
Worked with: Gary Zefting, engineer and producer-Metallica, Anthrax, and other Mega Force bands, Lee Roxx (Cindy Lauper), Benji King (Rick Derringer, Patti Smythe, Scandal), Gus Miller (Kenney Logins, Gino Vannelli, Al Jeurou), Chris G (Gap Band, Rick James, TLC, Jermaine Stewart, The NINE), Jimmy Fox (Toronto).
Bands I've been in:
Montage (Junior High)
Olias (with ex-TALAS lead singer Phil Naro)
Yesterdays News (original Jazz Fusion w/Joe Santoro from Cabo Frio, indie release on vinyl)
NV (with Gus Miller, Chris G)
The NINE (signed to indie label DRESSER)
Kristine Faith (original heavy rock band from NYC, NJ)
MONOLITH (original heavy rock band)
Monkey Dust (alternative cover band)
On the road with: Monolith, NV (Gus Miller and Chris G.) The NINE (Dresser), The Rocco Sisters (Columbia/SONY), Johnny Parrazzo (Polydor), the Platters
Favorite movies: LA Confidential, Usual Suspects, Glen Gerry Glen Ross, the God Father (parts I & II), Go, Memento.
Favorite Bands: King's X, Moke, Zepplin, early Aerosmith, early YES, Sound Garden, Galactic Cowboys, Zappa, early Heart, Jeff Beck, Viscous Rumors, Blackmore, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmstein, Hendrix, Steve Stevens.
Favorite Foods: Italian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Jamaican.
Favorite Drink: Kalibur or Haak Beck (non-alcoholic beers)
By Day: Counselor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in the Department of Intercultural Affairs.
Equipment: Custom FENDER Strats, Les Pauls, Mesa Boogie Triaxis, T.C. Electronics, DBX, Rocktron, BBE, Ashley, Custom point-to-point hand built stereo power amp by the legendary amp builder John NAU, Marshall Cabinets. Road cases by Bristol Boarding, Calzone, Anvil, and Armadillo.